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No Frizz – Shampoo Bar for Frizzy Hair

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Time to tame the wild ones! Deal to dry or frizzy hair and minimise the need for damaging heat-styling, making it perfect for curly hair types or wild, unruly hair with a mind of its own. Provides a generous lather and will NOT strip the hair of it’s natural oils.

Optional Travel Tin available, perfect for carry-on luggage!

Unscented – For sensitive skin.

Made in Australia. Cruelty Free, Natural, No Nasties, VEGAN.

Vegan Shampoo Bar for Dry Frizzy Hair

This plant-based shampoo bar is especially designed to tame wild frizzy and dry hair. The nourishing properties of Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil can help hydrate and restore moisture, shine and manageability without weighing hair down.

Grapeseed Oil has many known benefits for hair, it is easily absorbed and works as a natural sealant to keep moisture in the hair follicle. This helps to prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle, which decreases the changes of breakage.

Argan Oil contains large amounts of beneficial nutrients including vitamin E and fatty acids. It can act as a moisturiser for the scalp and promote the growth of healthy, strong hair as opposed to thin, brittle hair.

This is why both Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil were chosen when designing our natural No Frizz Shampoo Bar.

Why choose Flipster’s natural shampoo bars

Handcrafted using only natural ingredients. No palm oil, no sulphates, no nasties of any kind. We use 100% pure essential oils rather than artificial fragrances. No plastic packaging!

Our natural shampoo bars are very different to a commercial shampoo. They do not contain detergents and are designed to NOT strip the hair of its natural oils. It may take a few washes for your hair to adjust but most people find they do not require conditioner when using our Shampoo Bars. However, if you feel you need an extra touch of softness, we highly recommend an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse once or twice a week.

Our shampoo bars weigh around 90g and give 50 to 68 washes or more (depending on the length of your hair). Always keep your bar dry after use to optimise number of washes. Do not leave in the shower; keep cool and dry. We recommend storing in a soap dish outside of the shower.

Our solid shampoo bars are great to travel overseas with. They are light and compact and the optional Travel Tin is perfect for carry-on luggage!

HOW TO USE A SOLID SHAMPOO BAR: Either lather between your palms and rub onto your hair or rub the bar directly onto your hair and lather in. Be sure to let your shampoo bar dry out between uses to prolong its life. Read our article for step-by-step guide for ‘How to use Shampoo Bars’.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified Oils – Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil. Blend of Pure Essential Oils – Peppermint, Lavender, Bergamot, lime.  Current Batch is unscented for sensitive scalps.

NOTE: Because we make small handmade batches, the weight, colour and consistency may vary slightly from batch to batch.

If you experience any adverse reactions to any of our products, discontinue use.


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Dimensions 7.3 × 7.3 × 2.3 cm

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