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Alchemy – Anti-Ageing Organic Facial Oil 25ml

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Nature’s Anti-Ageing Potion! A hydrating facial oil that fights wrinkles while leaving skin with a soft, silky, and renewed appearance. This highly absorbable oil quickly soaks in to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Alchemy is the perfect blend of nutrient rich Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Marula Oil with the added benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil.
This purely organic natural oil will absorb deeply into the skin delivering a rich elixir of Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E.

100% Organic Cold Pressed Natural Oils – Free of essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, and fragrance. This oil vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

Made in Australia. Cruelty Free, Natural, No Nasties, VEGAN.

Organic Facial Oil – Alchemy is The Ageless Elixir

Antioxidants are the microscopic powerhouses that help keep our skin healthy and free of damage. Our Alchemy Organic Facial Oil is packed with plenty of these healthy molecules to boost your complexion. A masterful blend of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Marula Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil that will smooth and gently hydrate, while restoring that youthful glow.

Untouched by any artificial chemical or fragrance, this highly absorbable oil quickly sinks in to diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this oil contains high concentrations of polyphenols to deliver an antioxidant defence against pollution and free radicals.

The Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil is an absolute skin saviour and suitable for all skin types. Jojoba Oil is used to help balance the skin’s natural sebum production. It is also very rich in Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E. Jojoba is not exactly an oil but a liquid wax ester that is the closest botanical match to our skin’s natural sebum. It is able to carry the active natural ingredients within each of the four oils deep into the skin, as well as providing similar moisturising properties as our own sebum. This Jojoba Oil is organic, virgin, cold-pressed, and filtered for its purity.

Argan Oil contains antioxidants, like polyphenols and vitamin E. These ingredients can help brighten your skin tone and protect skin cells from free radical damage – the precursor to everything from acne to early signs of ageing.

Also rich in critical antioxidants and Omega 6 & 9, is our Organic Marula Oil which hydrates, nurtures, and seals-in moisture. It is an emollient, which fills in the cracks and gaps in the outermost layer of the skin to leave it softer and smoother. Marula Oil has been used for centuries in Africa, long revered by African men and women for its extraordinary skin and hair conditioning properties.

Now, Rosehip Seed Oil is packed with essentials like anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C. This allows Rosehip Oil to treat signs of aging and pigmentation, repair damaged skin, and provide a strong protective antioxidant boost.

Only organic, virgin, cold-pressed oils are used for their purity. We pride ourselves in making all products as clean as possible, leaving out possible irritants, allergens, and inflammatory ingredients.

Facial Oil Instructions & Ingredients

APPLICATION: Shake bottle before use. Warm a few drops of oil between your palms and smooth onto face and neck daily. We recommend applying the oil in the morning and evening. Can be worn by itself or under moisturiser for an extra shot of hydration. Allow a few minutes for the oil to sink in and then apply your sunscreen and/or make up. Tip: Apply the face oil at the end of a shower or bath when the skin is still moist.

STORAGE: Store below 27ºC in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Virgin Argan Oil, Organic Virgin Marula Oil, Organic Virgin Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E Natural Oil.

For external use only. Please refer to the directions on the bottle before use. If you experience any adverse reactions to any of our products, discontinue use.

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